Sensory Storytelling with the School for Parents

Sensorium Theatre have begun an action research project with the School for Parents where we are exploring sensory storytelling with well known children’s books to enhance children’s engagement and enjoyment of the story. We are curious as to whether this will help parents and therapist involved in Early Intervention programs to tap into imagination as a resource for developmental and therapeutic goals.

Here is an excerpt from this week’s session and Action Research documentation

PLAN  – The second session is planned to be trialled with two groups of children and parents at Parents school. Continuing a developing framework around the story to guide parents and children into sensory play with material & object kits and percussion instruments. The rhythm of the sung story “Going on A Bear Hunt”, uses a drum as a communication tool and (ALD) cards, focusing this week on Water.
ACT – This session will introduce the element of water as we explore the deep cold
river. The plan is to cover the mats with tarp and place pool cover circles at each place with cushions. Bunches of cut water reeds are placed to play with, in blue bowls of water, with sand and pebbles. Small watering cans and buckets create ‘splish splosh’,with water to fill up blue clams. The Bear Hunt rhyme is sung with each child’s name in turn with the teddy bears. Introduce ‘deep cold river’ first visually with silk blue cloth rippling, aurally with water rattles & rain sticks and real water. Then we model the rhyme of ‘Can’t go over it can’t go under it have to go through it.’ with bear and blue ribboned hoops- then each child/parent participates experiencing sensory play.

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Oddysea at the Sydney Opera House and Arts Centre Melbourne!!!

Pallets are packed, suitcases ready…. On Monday the Sensorium Theatre team heads east for the first time presenting Oddysea at the Sydney Opera House ( August 18th – 22nd) and the Arts Centre Melbourne ( August 25th – September 5th)!!!!

Two years in the making, we are very excited and thankful to Performing Lines WA and the two venues for their massive efforts in making this happen. We also acknowledge the support of Department of Culture and the Arts WA in supporting our touring costs.

Whilst on tour we will be working with 17 new schools as well as performing public shows at both venues. Over 350 children and young people with disabilities and their families will have a chance to enjoy a show.


Here is a link to a short video about Oddysea at the Opera House

Dates for Public Shows

SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – Saturday 22nd August:  10am, 12noon and 2:30pm

Arts Centre Melbourne- The Channel

Saturday 29th 10am,  12.30pm and 3pm.

Saturday 5 September:   10am and 12:30pm


Contact the venues for booking details.

It was DONKEY!!!!South Bunbury Education Support Centre

The Sensorium Theatre crew finished an intense but wonderful week at South Bunbury Education Support Centre with 3 fantastic performances. It was so satisfying as performers to look out at an enthralled audience, getting all the jokes and fully entering into the story space that we had created together. There was uproar when Donkey denied eating the leaves of The Jub Jub Tree as all the children dobbed him in…. “It was Donkey!!!” So great to witness the impact of the embedding process and how it really enables the students to engage and understand the experience. Especially when the school and Sensorium Theatre work in partnership to achieve those outcomes for students.

We also trialled our first session with parents when some 10 brave parents came along to an afterschool session where they got to experience the Awaken your senses Sensory Walk. This went very well, with parents commenting that it very valuable experience and helped them to put themselves in their child’s shoes. Many parents also attended the performances and enjoyed watching their children’s joy at the antics of Rooster, Goat and Donkey in the forest.

Many thanks to the wonderful staff at South Bunbury Education Support centre for making us so welcome and the Australian Federal Government through the Non Government Support Centre funding for making this tour possible.